K-doll painted by MARIE-ÉLISE. Polyester height: 2m30, weight: 350 kg. Protected by a double layer of varnish and intended for outdoor use.

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Marie-Élise is an artist-painter from Antwerp. Adopted from Ardennes, she has been painting portraits, landscapes, animals and still lifes for 60 years. Her works are regularly exhibited and are part of public and private collections. The artist combines technical mastery and affection for all that lives. She makes her own panels the old-fashioned way. She thus obtains a transparency in the material and accents of touches which give strength and energy to her paintings. Marie-Elise likes to combine oil, watercolor, pencil and let her canvases breathe while sparing white. “Painting is my life, my passion. If that were taken away from me, I would be as deaf as Beethoven thirsty for musical notes. But my desire is also to sensitize people through my paintings and to reach, for a moment, to touch their soul. ”

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