Kiwanis Club of Bastogne

Behave towards others as you would like others to behave towards you.


Social actions 2020-2021

The school of life

At the School of Life is an association supporting the transition from CE1D, CE2D and CESS to the central jury, addressed to young people who have passed the CEB and until their development.

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Bastogne youth center

Anim’Jeunes is an ASBL approved by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. Open to all without discrimination. It is part of a lifelong education process and promotes responsible, critical and united development (CRACS). The Maison de Jeunes is a place of meeting, creativity and participation.

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The Mardasson school

The Mardasson school organizes nursery, primary and secondary education for children and young people who have difficulty following or continuing education in the regular circuit.

The education adapted to their specific needs and their educational possibilities, aims to develop their intellectual, psychomotor, emotional and social skills while preparing them for social and professional integration.

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